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Beer Tankard

This lovely, handmade beer tankard is great for your pint in the evening - or in fact any time!
It is big enough for 500ml of beer and the head.

Of course it's possible to just have a massive cup of tea in it too.

The beautiful ouside is carved by hand after the mug has been thrown on a potter's wheel, so every single one is unique.

It's a brilliant gift for anyone who likes a pint or a big hot cuppa!


Honey Pot

A handmade ceramic honey pot,
thrown on a potter's wheel and then carved and glazed by hand, this is a very unique gift for anyone who loves honey or keeps bees.
It adds rustic charme to any breakfast table.

Complete with a beechwood honey twirler and an inscription ("HONEY"!) on the rim of the pots.

I offer two options: the traditional honey-pot-style with the whole in the middle of the lid or the option of having the whole on the side of the lid, so you can also use it for jam or sugar.


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