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            All my pottery is safe to put into dishwasher and microwave!


Straight Mug



Finely thrown yet strong.

This is a very sturdy  mug due to

the wide base- it's perfect for taking

to your computer, a bench on the veranda, a busy breakfast table or,

like I do, to the workshop.

Height: 9.5cm
Diameter: 9.5cm



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Curvy Mug

A large curvy mug - a perfect comforting,

"hugable" shape!

Height: 10cm

It is a beautifully lightweight mug.

It has a lovely neutral oatmeal colour, decorated with colourful, cheery dots and an ammonite ornament.


Wide Mug

A large yet elegant looking mug for every occasion.

If you are a tea drinker or you prefer a frothy milky cappuccino - this mug won't let you down.

It is lightweight and holds a satisfying volume of


Height: 9.5cm

Diameter: 11.5cm


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Medium Sized Mug

The straight classic but in a slightly smaller version.

It has all the advantages of it's bigger sibling: sturdy, light, beautiful and versatile but it's designed for someone who likes to drink smaller amounts at a time.


Height: 8cm

Diameter: 8.3cm


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