Why the Isle of Skye?

I came to the Isle of Skye in March 2011.


The idea was to get to know a place, where I hadn't been before.

Having travelled for four years as a journeywoman I've seen a lot of Europe and New Zealand and I loved it!


But as you can imagine after years of restlessness you feel like you want a base.


With this hope I came to Skye, where I worked as an employed potter for two years in the north of the island.


In 2014 my Partner Andy and I moved into this wonderfully quirky house which had been a pottery in the past.

So here I am, "potting away" inspired by the most beautiful views and entertained by my hairy friend Runa, who is an elderly, but nevertheless energetic Bearded Collie cross.

Our recent addition to the house is my partner Andy's bicycle venture- you can read all about it here:








Why pottery?


Already as a child I discoverd my passion for making things. I made my first table, spoon, toys, clothes, ... I loved it all!


Being a sensible teenager I went to Uni after finishing Highschool- just to find out after a year that studying Russian and Polish in closed rooms wasn't what I needed to be happy.

I set off, looking for an apprenticeship in arts and crafts and after three years intense training in a pottery studio in Erfurt, Germany I got the award for the best national apprentice.


The journey


Being curious by nature I wanted to see the world!


The German tradition of journeymanship was the perfect solution:


You travel for at least three years and one day and are not allowed to enter your home- area for this time.

You are meant to get to know your trade, your country and the people in it and later on the rest of the world as well.

You mustn't pay for travels and accomodation, so you ask for support.

You are not allowed to stay longer in one place than three months, so you don't get lazy.

You bring the tradition into the world and the world opens up to you.


On that journey I realized how wide the field of working with clay is- you can't possibly try everything it offers in a lifespan! Hand made ceramics on a potters wheel are only a tiny section of the world of clay.


But whatever you chose to do with clay you can bring your own ideas to life!


Let the pots express what you see, what you feel, let them take the shapes that feel right. Let the clay speak to you and let it find its voice into the world.


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