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Art Print Cups
porcelain bowl detail
Gin Measures
Mugrobatics 2
Mugrobatics 1
Wide Mug
Espresso Cup and Saucer
Gin Measure (mint)
Art Print Vase
Art Print pots
Salt Pigs
Gin Measure
Gin Measure Ensemble
spotty porcelain
porcelain pots
gin measure
gin measure
detail teapot
lidded porcelain pot
porcelain, detail
porcelain pots
small porcelain pots
porcelain bowls
straight mug
curvy mug
tea bowls
espresso cup and saucer
porcelain detail
seascape porcelain, limited edition
special orders
Big and Little brother
soap dish detail
two soap dishes
puffer fish, hanging
wizard tower for the garden
table set
espresso cup
oil and vinegar set
teapot and mugs
selection of coasters
big curvy vase
trinket pebbles

All my tableware is hand-made on a potters wheel as a series. That means mugs, cups, plates, bowls, teapots,... are all the same size within their range.

BUT: none is the same as another!

I like to vary the decoration slightly because I think pots should be as individual as everything else in nature- they should have their own character. And you choose the one that "talks to you"!


Plantpots, platters, big pieces and more can be ordered in desired sizes. I'm happy to take on special orders.

All my pottery is suitable to go into microwave and dishwasher!


If you have questions, enquiries or ideas please get in touch!

Of course you can see the full range of pieces in my showroom on the Isle of Skye, Teangue.


The Isle Of Skye Baking Company in Portree has also individual pieces on display and you can have a nice cup of coffee there while you are looking at the big variety of arts and crafts.

I look forward to welcoming you to my pottery and I'm happy to show you how a pot is made- it's great fun!




I love details!

Little dots, that seem like flowers, randomly dancing over the shapes, accomplishing the individuality of every single pot...

Ornaments printed into the clay...

Ammonites representing the treasures you find on the beach...


I also love simplicity and purity, elegance and character.


You will discover always new things looking my pieces.

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