The Isle of Skye

attracts many artists, crafts people and creative minds.

It has a history of people settling down here to realize their dreams and creations.

I am one of them.

The landscape is inspiring, the community warm and welcoming, the weather always changing- and challenging.

Perfect conditions to do arts and crafts!

My studio is in the south of the island, where I enjoy continuing a trade that has been developed thousands of years ago.


Techniques and materials might have changed slightly - very little, though, considering the huge timespan-

but the concept stays the same:

You turn "earth" into stone, make it usable through fire.

Get the elements together to form something new.

Everyone who has tried making pottery knows how satisfying it is to work with clay (well... after the first frustrating moments...).

The material "speaks" to you, tells you, what it wants to be and become.

It is like you were talking to the earth itself.


So here you see, what the earth told me.

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